My First Book About Hajj By Sara Khan

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This simple but beautiful book gives children a glimpse into the greatest journey Muslims hope and dream to go on at least once in their lifetime: Hajj.
It introduces the concept of Hajj as one of the five pillars of Islam and outlines the steps involved when performing this Islamic ritual. It aims to educate and instill a love for Islam’s holiest sites as well as a desire to want to visit them from a young age. It is a book to be treasured by children, with large, colorful illustrations and carefully written text that children will understand and enjoy.
In simple and easy-to-understand language along with stunning, full-color illustrations it takes the reader from preparing to go for Hajj to the actual acts of Hajj and the intentions behind them. It also features facts about Hajj and Umrah and common questions children may ask, such as: why do Muslims go on Hajj and Umrah?
This is the newest addition to the author Sara Khan’s amazing series of “My First Books.”
  • Publication Date: 16-05-2022
  • Format: Board book