My Hijab Doll - Talking Quran Doll

Meet My Hijab Doll! 

Voice of the little girl will make children feel friendlier and they will be more willing to follow and learn.

What does cute Hijab Doll say?

2 Modes of Quran recitation

- Listen and repeat mode: Repeat with a lovely little child after listening to a older child first.

- Reciting mode: Recite with a lovely little child

 5 Surahs included:

- 001 Surah al-Fatiha

- 091 Surah ash-Shams

- 112 Surah al-Ikhlas

- 113 Surah al-Falaq

- 114 Surah an-Nas

Dua Contents:

14 Arabic and English everyday duas from a lovely little child:

- Dua when we wake up

- Dua before sleeping

- Dua after sneezing

- Dua before entering toilet

- Dua after leaving toilet

- Dua before eating and drinking

- Dua for entering home

- Dua when leaving the house

- Dua when greeting someone

- Dua when feeling angry and upset

- Dua when feeling afraid

- Dua when on journey

- Dua before taking transportation

- Dua for protection

 Musical Contents:

 A 10 minutes lullaby combining ocean sound,  calming melody and peaceful prayer

- A Bismillah song sang by a lovely child


  • Sound turn-off after 10 minutes

  • 3 level sound adjustment

  • Removable sound box with multiple voice-over content

  • 20 button remote control, effective within 2 meters (6.5 feet)