My1stMasjid Masjid Wrist Companion


'Masjid Wrist Companion' - is a Plush Snap Band Pouch crafted for our little Muslims. Designed to hold charity money, prayer beads, and sweet treats during Masjid visits, this cozy pouch features a beautiful embroidered message, a reminder of the gift of Salaah and our life's purpose.

Worn snugly around their wrists, it creates a tangible connection to cherished items and meaningful messages. More than an accessory, it gently nudges our young ones to reflect on essential values.

Nurturing warmth, purpose, and mindfulness, 'My Wrist Companion' is a meaningful keepsake that grows with them.

Let every prayer, act of kindness, and sweet moment be cradled in this special pouch—a companion that inspires and uplifts young hearts.

Suitable for Ages 4+ | Size: Pouch: 10cm Band: 22cm