O Mankind: A Pocketful of Gems from the Qur’an by Umm Fahtima Zahra


O Mankind! A pocketful of Gems From the Qur'an by the author Umm Fahtima Zahra.

Allah has blessed us with a glorious book, filled with sparkling Qur'anic Jewels: rubies, diamonds and pearls of incredible wisdom and supplications. He has also taught us through His beloved Messenger how to use these glistening gems in the best manner when composing any invocation to our Lord. Through Allah's great favour, this guidebook provides the invoker with all the beneficial tools to achieve a prefect and beautiful du'a!


About the Author:

The conception of this book derived after, like many people, searching through shelves in bookshops around the world and online unable to find a complete compilation of du'as (prayers) from the Qur’an.

When reading through the Qur'an, beautiful gems would glisten and sparkle to Umm Fahtima Zahra as she turned each page of the Qur’an and she would quickly scribble them down on a piece of paper to use.

These were during times that she was being tested; during an oppression; a hardship and asking Allah for ease and relief from a burden. She decided why not collect these rubies, diamonds and pearls of incredible wisdom into her own guidebook. After all the Prophets and Messengers, the Honourable Women (peace be upon them all) that Allah Speaks to us about also went through hardships, more intense than our own.

Thus, she took on the mission to collect these gems and compile them into her own book.