One Breath At A Time By Salatu Sule

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Life is not always easy. We face challenges, difficulties and hardship throughout our life journey. These highs and lows are a part of life. Sometimes however, we need that reminder that Allah is always there and these moments of hardship are not punishments but trials from Him to strengthen us, guide us and elevate breath at a time. Faith, and knowing that we are never alone, shines a light in the dark spaces that grief creates within the heart. This book offers faith–inspired insights about grief and how to build resilience, one breath at a time.


Salatu Sule, is a coach, international speaker and trainer in faith–based personal development, ethical leadership, character building, equitable gender relations, marital life and responsive education. She is the Director of Training and Development, New Horizons College, teacher of Islamic Perspectives, and a volunteer trainer wit Islamic Education Trust, Nigeria. Salatu is also a Director of the Aisha Lemu Learning Initiative (ALLI) which focuses on basic education and vocational training for children from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. She is passionate about books, nature, learning and teaching. She is happily married with children and lives in Minna, Nigeria.


  • ISBN13: 9781847741677
  • Publication Date: 09-09-2021
  • Format: Paperback