Palestine Eid Box for Charity


 Palestine Box for Charity

**All proceeds from this box will go to Palestine Children’s Relief Fund & Healing our Homeland**

*This Box will be live February 19th week*

Intention. Faith. Focus. These are the three words I focused on when creating this box for kids.

Intention: The intention behind this box was not only to create awareness for children, but to help them get a better understanding of the situation of what is happening in Palestine. That’s why we added the amazing book Young Heroes so kids can relate and hear stories from kids JUST like them in Palestine. The ABC’s of Palestine by Alia Dada was another NEW coloring book that we added to help children learn key words related to Palestinian culture and current events.

Faith: How can we explain anything to our children without looking at our deen? Zanib Mian’s new book Why Does Allah Let Bad Things Happen? was a no brainer for this box!

Focus: How do we stay focused on the cause? How do we stay engaged? For kids, this means engaging them in FUN activities but with a PURPOSE. Shop Kandeely’s Palestine Diamond Magnet Kit was the perfect piece to add in this box. Palestine Stickers and  the cutest Watermelon buttons by Mubarak Paper Co gave it the perfect touch to show kids that we fight for freedom. We fight for our Ummah. We will stay resilient by teaching our kids the right side of history.

 This Box Includes:

  • Why does Allah let bad things happen?
  • Palestine Activity Book 
  • Palestine Book Young Heroes
  • Palestine Magnet Diamond Kit
  • Palestine Sticker Pack 
  • Watermelon Button
  • Dua & History of Palestine Card
  • Palestine Bracelet