Imaan Kidz Pray & Play Kids Smartwatch Ages 3-8


The Ultimate Smartwatch for Muslim Kids! Great for ages 3-8!

The Pray & Play Smartwatch is the perfect tech for kids, allowing them to have fun and learn!

This smartwatch is sleek and stylish and features fun Islamic wallpapers, daily duas, surahs, nasheeds, prayer reminders, and much more!


  • 16 screensavers with 8 digital and 8 analogue clock faces and Islamic designs
  • Juz Amma + Surah Fatiha (recited by Mishary Al Afasy)
  • Daily duas
  • Nasheeds (vocals only)
  • Reminders - Prayer time reminders and reminders for saying duas throughout the day (set 24 hour clock to use this function)
  • Camera
  • Voice recorder
  • Games
  • Time teaching
  • Alarm, stopwatch, countdown
  • Torch
  • Edit or add audio using the USB cable
  • Soft silicone adjustable strap 


What's in the box?

  • Smartwatch with 512mb memory card
  • USB charger cable
  • Manual