Quran Cube Pray & Play Star Toy


Discover the Quran Cube Pray & Play Star Toy - the perfect Eid gift to ignite your child's imagination! Featuring Quran and other prayers, this interactive toy helps children develop spiritually and socially; imagine the fun, laughter and learning your little one will experience!

Quran Cube Pray & Play Star Toy! Quran, Dua’s & Nasheeds

Handheld Toy With Lights & Sounds

Perfect For Little Hands

Children Can Play And Learn About Islam At The Same Time!



Available In Blue & Pink

Quran Surahs

  • Surah Fatiha
  • Ayatul Kursi

3 Quls:

  • Surah Ikhlaas
  • Surah Naas
  • Surah Falaq


  • Waking Up dua
  • Sleeping Dua

Nasheeds & Zikr

Nasheeds With Short Islamic Saying Such As:

La ilaaha illallah,

SubahanAllah, Walhamdulillah

Allahu Allahu