Quranic Verses Inspirational Calendar


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Our Quranic Verses calendar is more than just a way to keep track of the days - it's an inspiring reminder of the power and beauty of the Quran! Made with beautiful quality materials, it's easy to use and makes a great gift for anyone looking to deepen their spiritual journey. Feel connected to the divine every day and be inspired to reach new heights!

Product Description

The Almighty brings each new day to give us the opportunity to grow, learn and start afresh. Every day, as you make your way through the many challenges of life, let the verses of the Quran guide you, comfort you and inspire you. Let these 365 verses help you discover the wisdom of the Quran and live life better.
With this perpetual calendar we bring you a selection of Quranic verses on forgiveness and hope, prophethood and revelation, the Creation Plan of God and the principles of life. With the guidance of the Quran, may we achieve success in this world and the next.
Package dimension:
  • 220mm x 115mm