Ramadan Fidget Countdown Calendar


Ramadan Fidget Countdown Calendar Twist it, stretch it, push it, pop it! 

Our Ramadan Fidget toys calendars will take the excitement for Ramadan to another level this year! These large, Ramadan advent boxes are crammed full with a fun, trending assortment of toys - an exciting way to countdown from Ramadan to Eid! These fantastic advent calendar gift boxes come ready assembled to be enjoyed by your child.

Experience the full joy and anticipation of Ramadan with this fun and interactive Fidget Countdown Calendar! Count down the days to Eid with this special Ramadan calendar filled with exciting fidget toys that make the waiting even more fun! Discover a new surprise every day and let your excitement build! Are you ready to unlock the magic of Ramadan?

Product features: 

  • Sensory: Get a mega fidget sensory bundle.
  • Contents: Includes a wide range of items perfect for fidgeters including spinners, strings, squishies, flip chains and more!
  • Practical: Designed to relieve and soothe stress, keep your fingers busy or simply pass the time!
  • How to use: Play, squeeze, stretch, flip and twist these fidgeting devices.
  • Portable: Can be taken with you on the go and can be used anywhere


Any young boy or girl would be so excited to call this advent calendar their own. Each day hides a new fun surprise for them to enjoy the build-up to the big day!





Please note; toys may need adjusting before use, in the case of misplacement in transit.