Reading Quran Book: A Step-by-Step Guide to Qur'anic Fluency


Learning to read Qur’an should be easy and accessible to everyone.

This book is a step-by-step guide to Qur’anic fluency, beneficial for readers of all ages, while designed to keep young readers engaged.

Structured in a way that gradually progresses through Qur’anic arabic, this book builds confidence in literacy skills through plenty of practice, engaging worksheets and interactive QR codes for additional guidance.

Learning Qur’an has never been easier!

Traditionally, the word used for a book that teaches a student how to read Qur'an is Qaa'idah, which

Traditionally, the word used for a book that teaches a student how to read Qur'an is Qaa'idah, which literally means a foundation.

This book aims to build the foundation required to read the Qur'anic text with ease. The process of building this foundation should be gradual, so we made sure to add plenty of practice and only introduce new sounds and letters as they come in their progressive order.

The focus of this book is creating literacy, therefore a heavy emphasis is not placed upon spelling words or Tajweed rules. In our experience teaching children, we found that focusing on letter recognition and building literacy skills made it easier for them to begin reading Qur'an.

Intense focus on Tajweed rules and technical matters only delayed the process of learning how to read and made it difficult. So the goal here is to focus on simply learning to read, everything else can be learned and mastered slowly once the child begins Qur'an.

This book was made with parents in mind. While it is always preferred to primarily learn Qur'an from a teacher, many times we wish to practice and help our child at home but struggle to explain a concept or understand it ourselves. This is why we have included QR codes throughout the book that link to helpful videos on that topic covering everything from pronunciation, tips on teaching the section and things to be mindful of. 

Finally, it is understood that everyone learns differently. While some students will grasp a concept quickly, others may struggle with a section and feel overwhelmed. This is why the book is self-paced, and although there are sections and checkpoints, they are not definite places where you must reach each lesson. Wherever you feel is suitable for your child to end the lesson for the day is completely up to you.

Do not feel overwhelmed by this journey, rather focus on the beauty of it and how rewarding it will be. The Prophet ﷺ narrated that "The best of you is the one who learns the Qur'an and teaches it (to others)." May Allah ﷻ‭  ‬accept all of our efforts and make us people of the Qur'an.


What Makes this Book Different?

  • Large, easy to read fonts
  • QR codes linked to helpful videos teaching each concept and clarifying pronunciations
  • Clean, simple layout
  • Only uses examples from the Qur’an
  • Plenty of practice in between each new concept
  • Gradual progression to build confident literacy skills in a logical sequence
  • self-paced for ease
  • 25 worksheets to apply new skills


Author’s Note
I began this project 8 years ago while teaching my young students Qur'an in the masjid. It started as supplemental worksheets for extra practice and grew into a binder that became our main learning tool. Soon I transitioned from the role of teacher to the role of mother, and found myself once again adding helpful tools to that binder to make it easier to teach my own children. After successfully teaching my children to read Qur'an and gaining feedback from my peers and friends, I felt confident in compiling a book that would be beneficial for teachers and parents alike.