Sajjadati and the Power of Dua


Al- Mujeeb!

Dua is an act of worship and a conversation with Allah. Hamza discovers through prayer the power of dua. Hamza's grandma gives him a prayer mat. He calls it Sajjadati. When he has Sajjadati with him, he can pray anywhere, and when he prays on Sajjadati, he can go anywhere. Go on an adventure with Hamza to discover the special things he asks Allah for and the responses to his dua.

Sajjadati and the Power of Dua sends an inspiring and powerful message to its readers to make dua, to have certainty (yaqeen) that Allah will answer the dua, and to ask Allah for anything, no matter how small or big it may seem. He will respond because He is al-Mujeeb.

Hardcover book