Super You #2: Power of Invisibility By Hena Khan



Are you a hero or a villain? Pick your path in this action-packed, illustrated origin story where the reader – yes, that means YOU! – gets the power of invisibility and must decide, choice by choice, whether to use their abilities for good or evil.

Your ordinary morning in the park quickly turns extraordinary when you stumble upon a strange device that can turn you invisible with the press of a button! Now it’s up to you to decide how to use the power: Will you look into the device’s terrifying and inhuman origins to see how you can use your abilities to help the planet? Will you team up with the ones who created the device and use your newfound ability to gain power and influence over everyone in your path? Or will you make the wrong choice and meet an ill-fated end?

Follow the choices, pick your path, and disappear to help find your destiny. This looks like a job for Super You!