The Bowing of the Stars: A Telling of Moments from the Life of Prophet Yusuf (PBUH) | Hardcover


Allah says, “Be!” And it is.

Amidst the chaotic symphony of bustling life — donkeys braying, merchants calling out their wares, great carts groaning along laden with clucking hens and crowing roosters, this book invites you to taste the unwavering patience and triumphant victory of Prophet Yusuf and his grieving yet persevering father, Prophet Yaqub, peace be upon him.

A shepherd boy dreams that his brothers and parents bow down before him in a far-off land. But he finds pain and hardship instead, stretching out before him for years, until at last, at the Hand of the Great Fashioner, he emerges to save a great nation from starvation.

His remarkable journey culminates in a breathtaking act of forgiveness that echoes through the ages, resonating with us even today.

Encounter the story on the richly illustrated pages of this book and then return to the chapter of the Qur’an, where you will find that this is indeed “the Most Beautiful of Stories”, a living story resounding in your being, still revealing Allah’s wisdom and beauty to those who seek it. It will captivate your heart, young and old!