The Crown And The Robe By Nafla Salahudeen

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Quran Memorization / Hifz is a wonderful gift that that parents can give their children from a young age. This colorful book of illustration is written and designed to reach young minds to provide a positive mindset and motivation towards Hifz / Quran Memorization and the rewards that can be achieved throughout, beginning from the materialistic rewards and towards greater rewards from Allah.
It is a book for children from 4--9 years. This book was written and illustrated with the intention that our children should get to read and value Islamic story books from a small age and training them with hifz at a tender age will yield best results as their memory power is high...for that, parents will become motivated via this book and will get an idea on how to introduce the concept of hifz to their young ones and even motivate young ones towards hifz based on the rewards they get.
Author: Nafla Salahudeen
Genre: Children’s Fiction
Illustrator: Harry Aveira
Editor: Umm Marwan Ibrahim
Released: 2019
Format: Paperback
Pages: 28