The Great Banned-Books Bake Sale | Hardcover


Upon learning that the books with kids who look like her have been banned by her school district, Kanzi descends into fear and helplessness.

But her classmates support her, and together―with their teacher’s help―they hatch a plan to hold a bake sale and use the proceeds to buy diverse books to donate to libraries.

The event is a big success; the entire school participates, and the local TV station covers it in the evening news.

Prodded by her classmates to read the poem she has written, Kanzi starts softly but finds her voice.

“You have banned important books, but you can’t ban my words,” she reads. “Books are for everyone.” The crowd chants, “No banned books! No banned books!” and the next week, the ban is reversed.

Aya Khalil appends a note about how The Arabic Quilt was briefly banned from the York, Pennsylvania school system, and the backmatter also includes a recipe for baklawa, the Egyptian pastry that Kanzi prepares for the bake sale.