Marvellous Stories From The Life of Muhammad By Mardijah Aldrich Tarantino

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This book is a collection of eighteen lively, well-loved stories from the life of the Prophet Muhammad. They highlight the main stations of his life—from orphaned child to the Prophet of God and beloved leader of all Muslims.

The book includes twenty-three charming illustrations that offer a glimpse of the world in which the stories are set.

Written with dramatic flair, kids and parents will excitedly turn the pages to find out what happens next. Not only do they highlight the main stations of his life-span-from orphaned childhood to Prophet of God and beloved leader of the Muslim Ummah-but also introduce the basic teachings of Islam, to which he called and invited all mankind.

Written for all children, both Muslim and others, these stories will certainly awaken in them a feeling of who the Prophet Muhammad and his Companions were and for what they so unremittingly strived and struggled as the author makes Prophet Muhammad’s (s) life come alive before our eyes as he lets us imagine Prophet Muhammad (s) seated at his grandfather's feet hearing the tales of the 100 camels and the story of the elephants. Beautifully told Full-color illustrations

These tales... are a delight to read, giving imaginative vitality to the bare facts so often related in other accounts of the Prophet’s life.

Mardijah A. Tarantino, M.A., of American and French background, embraced Islam as a result of a personal experience when she and her husband Rashad were living in Indonesia. A mother of six, she has traveled widely, enjoys painting, languages and writing for children. She currently holds the position of Lecturer at the University of Hawaii.

  • Age Range: 8 - 12 years
  • Grade Level: 2 - 7
  • Paperback: 120 pages
  • Publisher: The Islamic Foundation
  • Author: Mardijah Aldrich Tarantino
  • ISBN: 978-0860371038
  • Dimensions: 7 x 0.4 x 5 inches