The Muslim Woman Volume 5: The debate on Participation in Social Life and on Face Uncovering


The Muslim Woman Book Volume 5

In this volume of his work, the author starts a debate taking two full volumes to answer the objections that are often raised concerning social mixing and keeping a woman's face uncovered in Muslim society.

This is a tradition in Islamic studies, when scholars present their views in opposition to other scholarly views.

They state the view they disagree with, showing its basis and the arguments that are stated in its support before responding to it.

The author gives an in-depth study showing that the rulings that were specific to the Prophet's wives are not addressed to other women.

Therefore, emulating the Prophet's wives in these particular aspects is neither required nor recommended.

This Eight volume series is the author’s abridged version of his longer work with the same Arabic title, Tahrir al-Mar’ah fi ‘Asr al-Risalah spanning a twenty-five year study comprising fourteen great anthologies of ahadith, but in this book he only rarely includes hadiths from any anthology other than the two most authentic ones of al-Bukhari and Muslim.