Weekly Muslim Productivity Action Pad

Achieve spirituality and focus, week by week.
Plan your week the Islamic way. You know what matters most to you, but your schedule doesn’t always get the memo. We complete our goals and tasks but sometimes leave behind our worship and spirituality behind. Write it down and keep it top of mind with the Faith & Focus Weekly Deskpad.

Open-dated and minimally designed with 60 sheet to cover 60 weeks, the Weekly Overview Desk Tool equips you to focus on your Weekly to-do list and worship list. Organize, prioritize and achieve spirituality and success all in one simple view.

Plan Your Week The Islamic Way

Bring faith, focus and productivity into your weekly schedule. Prioritize your to-do list and achieve spirituality, all in one weekly view.

Your Islamic Week On One Page

Open-dated and minimally designed, the Weekly Deskpad equips you to focus on your to-do list and worship list week by week.

Weekly Muslim Planner

Plan your schedule, organize your to-do list and track your worship habits with this weekly deskpad.